Module 1 – Pre Drivers (14 - 17 years)

The aim of each of the inputs at this level is to familiarise each student with basic knowledge of driving and road rules, through simple manoeuvring of a vehicle. Also to introduce good driving attitudes and habits.

Since Covid the Under 17’s programme has been under review and remains a potential opportunity going forward but logistically cannot currently be undertaken.


On successful completion of the module each student will be able to;

1. Explain good and bad driving behaviour.
2. Discuss and review their experience.
3. Execute one or more simple driving manoeuvres.
4. Show appropriate driver and passenger behaviour.
5. Show an understanding of Highway Code and Hazard perception test requirements.

Module Delivery

The module will be delivered through an initial classroom input and thereafter practical instructor lead demonstration and practice.

Composition of Module

This module is presented over a single days training, with the option of individuals returning on two or three other occasions to cement their knowledge and potentially gain academic credits. The monitoring and reporting of the attitudes of the drivers and emphasis will be placed on the promotion of "safe" fun.

Time table

The morning of the training day will consist of an initial briefing and skills assessment period. The remainder of the day will be for practical practice and continual assessment.


The students will all be in possession of a log book which will be completed with details of thier;

• General attitude and behaviour.
• Knowledge.
• Application and ability.

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