Module 3 – Older Drivers (Over 65's)

The aim of inputs at this level is to assist with confidence of the participants and explain some of the changes in driving and vehicle safety improvements. There is also a voluntary refresher driving opportunity.


On successful completion of the module each participant will be able to;

1. Recognise safe driving practices.
2. Describe some advances in motor vehicle technology.
3. Evaluate their own driving experience* (if the option of the refresher drive is taken).

Module Delivery and Composition

Each event will be held over a morning or afternoon session. Each participant will be supplied with an information booklet which includes details of some of the more frequently installed technological advances in motor vehicles.

They will also be given a current copy of the Highway Code.

They will be requested to complete a simple questionnaire of their current driving habits and there is a simple practice, "Fun", Theory test.

There is a power point presentation which may raise some pertinent discussion points.

There are also various information films available which can be shown if time and facilities exist.

Refresher drives

Any of the students that undertake the driving refresher will be assessed on the same "safe" principals of any other learner driver, however there is no formal pass fail and any further action is at the discretion of the participant themselves, on the recommendation of their instructor.

Drivewise Borders courses for 2024

DriveWise Borders is giving drivers over 65 years of age an opportunity to update their driving skills, confidence on the road and refresh their knowledge on topics such as the Highway Code and modern driving issues, along with the opportunity to sign up for a half price refresher drive!

Older driver dates in 2024 are:

• Sunday 26th May - Clelands Volvo, Galashiels

Please note: Due to strictly limited space, attendance must be pre-booked. To book your place call 01896 757575

Interested in our Module?

If you are an older driver and are interested in our module then please contact Drivewise using the form below.

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